Michael Nouaimy (1889 – 1988)

Is considered a pillar of the Lebanese Renaissance literature of the 20th century. His books have spread throughout the five continents with themes of the ‘Self’, the Major and the Minor Self, Its stretch to infinity, and the perpetual quest for It in its many aspects. Naimy’s philosophy revolves around the axes that Humans are the Micro-Cosmos, for the whole universe is summarized in them. The humans’ goal is return to the macro-cosmos which is the micro-cosmos, to unite and to melt with the One. This uniting and melting requires thresholding, centering, and leaving many wombs, be it a woman’s womb or Life’s womb, to reach ‘The One’

In 1999 a statue was sculpted by Assaf Assaf near his house in Chakroub and here below you can find image of this statue.

Abdallah Ghanem (1895 – 1959)

Biological father of eight children and cultural one for many others, he spent the biggest part of his life into teaching arabic literature at schools and was known by “Teacher Abdallah” or in Lebanese “M3alem Abdallah”. Besides his teaching career, he launched a weekly newspaper “Sannine” in 1937 which helped in educating many Lebanese about the Patriotism and the Love of our Home Country.

Famous performers and singers sang his words on theathers like Fayrouz, Nour El Hoda, Karem Mahmoud and many others…

Rachid Ayoub (1872 – 1941)

Is among the list of famous people who wrote with their own pen memories about the town and held its name arround the world, his first studies were taken at the under tree school that one of the best schools in his days That Days the school was formed of some stones put in a way to satisfy students needs. Thereafter, in 1887 he moved to the Chwair school, until he left Baskinta in the 1890 for the USA and precisely to New Orleans. Where he started as a trader, where he spent the rest of his life.

Ayoub famous poems is “Ya Taljou”, in which he conversed to the US fallen Snow that has reminded him about his family, his friends, his hometown and the way they used to live.

Georges Ghanem (1932 – 1992)

One of the Abdallah Ghanem sons, got his first studies in Baskinta then after he moved to Beirut, where he followed studies in different schools ending up by having a masters in Political and economical science. He was the cofounder and president of many Lebanese cultural associations like the: Souraya and House of the Lebanese Artist. Many of his writings were translated into foreign languages.