In this historical background you may find information about areas in Baskinta and why they have been named like that. As this information might be geographical one. But I want to attract your attention to the richness of our village in many cultures that passed on its soil since early ages. And the ruins that were found in and were gifted by who we used to name our noble people.

One wish and I hope it will come true : that one day some one can bring back to Baskinta all of the old statues and ruins that were gifted and put them in a museum where everyone can see them.

One final thing before we start our historical news, all the things that you may find here are based on the book of Rd father Peter Hobeika ( Monseigneur Boutros Hobeika). (Tarikh Baskinta wa Ousaraha).


Back to the roots event is going to be held between the 30th of July 2009 and the 2nd of August 2009, for more info click on the More Link

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