Baskinta a Lebanese village situated at altitude ranging from 1250 meters to touch the top of Mount Sannine at an average altitude 2,628 M. Baskinta is renowned for its natural beauty and moderate climate. Through the years the town has undergone several rural development, where it is well knowing for it mountainous all season resorts, where visitors and citizens alike can practice a wide variety of outdoor sports.
It was also the capital city of the Syriac Christian state of Marada. Baskinta is also known for the variety of its fruit especially apples and vineyards. The residents are Christians: 70% Maronites and 30% Greek Orthodox. Among the interested facts while visiting the town is to know the history behind the names that were given to the village and different places found there, for this purpose we chose to mention about different places that were and still existent till date. All data provided here is collected from available historical books.


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